Our History

In 2016, with over 20 years of experience in the South African film industry and an unceasing passion for Stunts and Special effects, John Smith founded SFX&Stunt Inc. With the belief that there are no short cuts to the top and having invested many years working his way up the ranks, John decided to build a company with the aim of synergizing the SFX and Stunt departments. Surrounding himself with an experienced team of Technicians, co-oridinators and stuntmen, with a shared desire for excellence, SFX&Stunt Inc. was born.

The company continues to grow, mentoring new technicians, training new stuntmen and expanding to two new premises. Offering our dynamic package of SFX and Stunts in the expanding South African film industry, we at SFX&Stunt Inc. are passionate about what we do and how we can best help you to achieve your vision.

Our Services

By combining Stunts and SFX into one department, we are able to cater to all your requirements, through our unique service offering to our clients! As an established Stunt and SFX Co-ordinating team in the South African film industry, we have access to an extensive database of Stunt performers and SFX technicians. We understand that each project has its own and unique challenges and we can cater to them all! For explosive attention to detail, SFX&Stunt Inc. will get the job done, on time and on budget.


• Stunt Supervisor
• Stunt Co-ordinator
• Key Riggers
• Safety Riggers
• Riggers


• SFX Supervisor
• SFX Co-ordinator
• Pyro technician
• Wireman
• SFX Foreman
• SFX Technician
• Fabricator

Stunt Performers

• Stunt Doubles
• Stunt Performers
• Utility Stunt Performers
• Fight/ Movement Choreographer
• Precision Drivers (Cars, Bikes and Trucks)
• Indy Drivers

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Our experienced team is dedicated to excellence on every project. Each job is carefully managed and structured to achieve the most effective results, even with the most challenging production requirements. As Stunt Co-ordinators, we believe that every Stunt Performer and SFX Technician be treated fairly, with respect and equal responsibility in completing the task at hand.

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